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Grinding Machines

Surface Grinder Machine

Surface Grinder Machine
  • Grinding Width: 150/ 200/ 250/ 300/ 400/ 500 mm
  • Grinding Length: 450/ 600/ 800/ 1000/ 1500/ 2000 mm
  • Grinding Wheel Diameter: 250/ 300 mm
  • Main Head Motor: 2 HP/ 3 HP/ 5 HP/ 7.5 HP
  • Power Pack Motor: 2 HP/ 3 HP/ 5 HP

Surface Grinding Machine is a widely used machine in the process of finishing metal and non metal workpieces. We have incorporated a rotating sharp wheel that makes the machine capable of producing a smooth flat surface. Suitable for both metallic and non-metallic materials, these grinder machines achieve a desired productive result. Most common working materials include cast iron and steel. Other materials are aluminum, stainless steel, brass and some plastics.

Technical Specifications
Grinding Width150/ 200/ 250/ 300/ 400/ 500
Grinding Length450/ 600/ 800/ 1000/ 1500/ 2000
Grinding Wheel Dia250/ 300
Main Head Motor2hp/ 3hp/ 5hp/ 7.5hp
Power Pack Motor2hp/ 3hp/ 5hp

  • Low maintenance
  • Durability
  • Energy efficiency
  • Spontaneity
  • Accuracy
  • Minimum deflection
  • Easy operation
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Suitable for both metallic and non-metallic materials
  • Tolerance power
  • Produces a smooth flat surface

Cylindrical Grinding Machine

Cylindrical Grinding Machine
  • Brand: Newmax
  • Country of Origin: Made in India
  • Center Height: 150/200/250
  • Max. Gr. Length: 300/500/800/1000/1250/1500/1700
  • Rapid Approach: 50
  • No.of wkhd.speeds: 4,8
  • I Deal In: New

In addition our products are duly seasoned, rigid and strong enough to prevent any sort of distortion & wear. Cylindrical grinding is a process used to finish grind the outside or inside diameter of a cylindrical part.

Technical Specifica1i0ns
Center Height150200/250
Max. Gr. Length300/500/8001000/1250/1500/1700
Gr. Wheel Dia350/400400/500
Rapid Approach5050
No.of wkhd.speeds48

  • Heavy beds for a rigid base
  • Sufficient sideway length to support the table
  • High precision
  • Work pieces can be hardened or hard coated before grinding
  • Accurately finish hardened shafts
  • Can work on variety of shapes
  • Highly dynamic driving system
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